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Assamite Clan Book

Akashic Brotherhood Tradition Book


Blood Magic- Secrets of Thaumaturgy

Book of Madness



Beyond the Barriers- Book of Worlds

Blood Dimmed Tides

Blood Treachery

Black Furies Tribebook

Book of the Wyld

Bonegnawer Tribebook

The Book of Legions

Book of Shadows

Book of Storyteller Secrets

Book of the Weaver

Book of Nod

Book of the Wyrm

Book of the Wyrm 2nd Ed.

Breath Deeply

Brujah Clan Book
The Bygone Bestiary
Chaos Factor

Chicago Chronicles Vol. 1

Chicago Chronicles Vol. 2

Croatan's Song

Cult of Ecstasy Tradition book

Cappadocian Clan Book

Changeling -The Dreaming
Chronicles of the Black Labyrinth
Clan Novel Series
Conspicuous Consumption
Dark Kingdom of Jade
Dark Kingdoms
Dark Ages Companion
Demon Hunter X
Digital Web 2.0
Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand
Doomslayers Into the Labyrinth
Ends of the Empire
The Enchanted

Faces of Death

The Fragile Path

Fountains of Bright Crimson
Freak Legion- a Players Guide to Fomori
Gangrel Clan Book
Get of Fenris Tribe Book
Giovanni - Clan Book
Guide to the Camarilla
Guide to the Sabbat
Guide to the Technocracy
Garou Saga

Guardians of the Caerns

Half Damned - Dhampyrs

Haunters Guildbook


Hengeyokai - Shapeshifters Of The East
Hunter - The Reckoning
Kindred of the East
Kindred of the East Companion
Infernalism - Path of Screams

The Inquisition

Kinfolk- Unsung Heros

Laws of the Night Revised

Liege, Lord and Lackey

Litany of the Tribes (All)

Land of Eight Million Dreams
Lasombra Clan Book
Laws of the Hunt
Laws of the Wild
Mage - The Ascension
Malkavian Clan Book
Masques Guild Book
Mummy The Resurrection

Mage - The Ascension 3rd Edition

Masters of the Art

Mage- the Sorcerer's Crusade

Mediums- Speakers with the Dead

Montreal by Night

Night of the Wolf

Nocker Kithbook

Nosferatu Clan Book

Pomegranates Full and Fine
Project Twilight
Predator and Prey- Vampire

Princes Primer

Rage Across Appalachia

Red Talons Tribe book


Rage Across Heavens
Rage Across the World
Rage Warriors of the Apocalypse
Ravnos Clan Book
Revelations of the Dark Mother
Sea of Shadows
Setite Clan Book
Shadow Players Guide
Shadow Lord Tribe Book
The Shining Host
The Silver Record
Silver Wolf
The Silver Crown
Silver Fangs Tribebook
Sluagh Kith Book
The Sun Has Set
Syndicate - Technocracy Tradition Book
Salubri Clanbook

Silent Strider Tribebook

Sorcerer Revised

Traditions Gathered Book 2- Blood and Dreams

Tremere Clan Novel

Troll Kith book

Truth Until Paradox

Technocracy Assembled Volume 1
Technocracy (Assembled 1)
The Sabbat (Player's Guide)
The Time Of Thin Blood
Toreador Clan Book
Traditions Gathered 3- Swords of Faith
Traditions Gathered Book 1 - Songs of Science
Transylvania By Night
Transylvania Chronicles
Tremere Clan Book
Tzimisce Clan Book
Uktena Tribe Book
Under a Blood Red Moon
Vampire The Dark Ages
Vampire - the Masquerade
Vampire The Masquerade CD-ROM
Ventrue Clan Book
Verbena Tradition Book
Void Engineers - Technocracy Tradition Book
V-tM Storytellers Companion
Vampire- The Masquerade 3rd edition
War of Ages

Werewolf- The Apocalypse Revised

Vampire Storyteller's Guide

Wendigo Tribebook
The Werewolf Chronicles
Werewolf Chronicles - Volume Two
Werewolf Players Guide
Werewolf- The Dark Ages
Werewolf - The Wild West
When Will You Rage?
World of Darkness Combat
Wraith Players Guide
Wraith the Great War
Wraith - The Oblivion
Wyrm Wolf