Character Sheets

Excel Character Sheets by David K.

Bastet Character Sheet.xls

Changing Breed Character Sheet.xls

Garou Character Sheet.xls

Mage Character Sheet.xls

Vampire Character Sheet.xls

All 5 Character Sheets in a Zip File


I managed to Come across character sheets in the DOC format that are excellent, so here they are available for Download. Thanks SilasMcbth for Sending me these!

Download the Expanded Character Sheet For Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Download the Expanded Character Sheet for Werewolf : The Wild West

Download Both the Character Sheets

 To Get a General Character Generator Go to Web of Darkness and go to "WoD stuff on This Page" and Download the Characturge Zip File , This is the site of the Guy who made VTM121(an Excellent Vampire Character Generator). With this program you can make templates for different White Wolf systems. I made one for each of the tribes from a Werewolf One I got from the page above. I plan to make some for the other shifters I have on my page too soon.

Download the Tribal Templates, it includes all the Main Tribes and Black Spiral Dancer, along with a slightly modified Werewolf  main sheet template.


If you Want Picture character Sheets Visit Bastet of The Apocalypse, He has the Werewolf Ones and more.


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