About Lady Mox

Name : Tammy

Age : 25

Marital Status : Married January 1998

E-Mail Address : Mox@WoDGraphics.com  and several others

Location : Near Buffalo New York USA

Favorite Vampire Clan : Malkavian

Favorite Garou Tribe : Black Furies

Favorite Mage "Tradition"  :  Hallow Ones

Favorite Changeling : Pooka

Favorite Band : The Cure

I play in several LARP's.

If your in the Buffalo Area go to
The Buffalo By Night LARP Resource (Also done by me)
All the LARP's take place at the University of Buffalo Amherst Campus

Picture of my Husband (Got married on Jan 7th 1998): My  Love John  
I Love you John!!


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